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Thanks for your patience – there are two short forms below – you need only enter your email address and click on the button for each.

The first one, once you enter your email and click on the “Show Purchase History” button will display (on this page) a list of all purchases we have a record for at the email address you enter.

The second one, once you enter your email address (please make sure that you use the email address that you used to make your purchase) and click the “Email Download Link” button will send you an email containing download links to all of the items that you purchased.

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At this point I have no clue how long the links will be active, and since the specific links are time-sensitive, I have found no way to extend the download/listen time frame for each.  So, if possible, you may want to download everything within the next couple of days.  If that is not possible, you can return to this page again for the download links, and they ***SHOULD*** be once again active.

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact me again directly at kringassociates@att.net.