3-premeetingquestions-singlefamilyIn this audio course, you will find industry best practices for how to interview and hire those who will be the right fit, to join your property management team. Step-by-step, you will learn how to frame your interview questions, how to give specific mini-hiring assignments and how to compare potential new hires, side-by-side, with a proven scoring system unique to the property management industry.


During this 2-CD audio-course on single-family property, learn how you can quickly:

  • What are the steps for hiring the very best in the property management sector?
  • What is phase interviewing? Why is it crucial to have a game plan for multi-person interviewing?
  • What is a hiring laboratory? How does this allow you to select the best and pass on those without the skills and abilities you most need in a new hire?
  • How do leadership assessments tie into your selection summary? How do assessment results, impact the scoring on your selection summary? How do internal hiring assessment benchmarks help you compare and score your very best current team members with new potential hires you are looking to add to your property management team?

With a reach across 25,000,000+ units and our work in the industry since 1988, our property management clients know they can trust our PowerHour® team to deliver an audio course packed with valuable strategies, resources and wining solutions.