PIAV: Personal Interest, Attitudes and ValuesThe PowerHour PIAV course, presented by John Wilhoit, Jr. and Ernest F. Oriente, measures your interest, attitudes and values, providing insight into your internal motivators. Knowing these, you can shape your learned behaviors.

During this 2-CD audio-course, learn how you can quickly:

  • Understand your leadership and communication styles and watch your career soar.
  • Learn how to use assessments to benchmark/compare the best already working within your company – with each/all candidates, prior to their being offered a job within your property management company.
  • Shape your learned behaviors; meaning, use your assessment weaknesses appropriately but no need to overuse them.
  • Minimize your weaknesses; meaning, find ways to use your assessment weaknesses less, while delegating all of these tasks to those on your property management team that show these areas as their strengths.

With a reach across 25,000,000+ units and our work in the industry since 1988, our property management clients know they can trust our PowerHour® team to deliver an audio course packed with valuable strategies, resources and wining solutions.