About the Multifamily Insight Store

The products for purchase on this website are from the collaboration of two dedicated and insightful individuals working together to assist individuals and companies in the acquisition and management of multifamily properties.

John Wilhoit, Jr.

John Wilhoit, Jr. has rapidly become an acknowledged expert in the field of multifamily acquisition, financing and property management. He is an accomplished author of (currently) 3 insightful books, with more in the pipeline. He shares his insights about the multifamily world on Multifamily Insight Blog: A Multifamily Blog for Real Estate Investing and Property Management.

John is President of Wilhoit Investment Network, LLC, (WIN LLC) an owner and asset manager of apartments, condominiums and town homes. Mr. Wilhoit’s career has focused on high volume, large-scale multifamily communities including market rate and mixed-finance developments. He has previously held positions with HUD, AIMCO and the Maryland Housing fund. Mr. Wilhoit holds an undergraduate degree in Business and a Masters in Urban & Regional Planning. WIN LLC provides consulting, asset management and market analysis services for multifamily property owners.

Ernest F. Oriente

Ernest F. Oriente, a business coach since 1995 is the author of SmartMatch Alliances, and the founder of PowerHour, LLC. Ernest has a passion for coaching his property management clients on executive leadership, hiring and motivating publishing SuperStars, traditional and Internet marketing, competitive sales strategies, and high leverage alliances for property management teams and their leaders.