A 2-cd, audio course presented by John Wilhoit Jr., and Ernest F. Oriente

What are the 21 most important data points to collect in your review of any real property asset? When reviewing a real estate asset for acquisition, financing or operations, collecting this baseline data will jump start the process and save tons of time over the course of completing the transaction or your analysis.


During this 2-CD audio course, learn how you can quickly:

  • Learn about the “place” and its surroundings.
  • Research the critical elements that can keep you from buying an asset from a fraudulent seller.
  • Understand and use independent verification.
  • Measure distances to services that have the most impact on value.
  • Include a mini-SWOT with every review you accomplish.

With a reach across 25,000,000+ units and our work in the industry since 1988, our property management clients know they can trust our PowerHour® team to deliver an audio course packed with valuable strategies, resources and wining solutions.