A 2-cd, audio course presented by John Wilhoit Jr., and Ernest F. Oriente

This audio series will assist you in defining your market at the asset level. At the conclusion of this audio course, you will understand the importance of demographics at the ground level to guide your property management team in marketing to future residents.


During this 2-CD audio course, learn how you can quickly:

  • Where are the best places to obtain free demographic data?
  • How do you decide on competitive demographic boundaries that make sense?
  • How do you build a demographic profile of your marketplace?
  • Where are your future residents now?
  • Why do car counts matter and what specifically are you counting?
  • What is the definition of a submarket?
  • What are the key demographic drivers to know when identifying your market?

With a reach across 25,000,000+ units and our work in the industry since 1988, our property management clients know they can trust our PowerHour® team to deliver an audio course packed with valuable strategies, resources and wining solutions.