A 2-cd, audio course presented by John Wilhoit Jr., and Ernest F. Oriente

This audio series will assist you in identifying those assets that are in direct competition with those that you own or manage in your marketplace. One asset standing right next to another does not automatically make it a comparative asset. At the conclusion of this audio course, you will be able to select comparative assets that most closely resemble those that you represent and increase your competitiveness. How? By gaining a professional understanding of what makes them comparative.


During this 2-CD audio course, learn how you can quickly:

  • What makes a property a comparative asset?
  • What are the twelve (12) data points that describe a comparative asset?
  • How do you make the distinction between quantitative and qualitative factors in comparative asset analysis?
  • What is the absolute best way to review comparable assets on the ground?

With a reach across 25,000,000+ units and our work in the industry since 1988, our property management clients know they can trust our PowerHour® team to deliver an audio course packed with valuable strategies, resources and wining solutions.